Thank You’s

Many people are helping me begin this journey and without their help I’d still be dreaming of a cycle tour instead actively riding one:

Cat Crimins. My heart.

Koopman:  Thank you so much for your help with the website and with the dogs.  Really couldn’t share this story without your help, so on behalf of all the visitors to this page, THANKS!!!


Studio Cycle Company: Always there when you need them, incredibly supportive, and all around great guys. Bobby, you’re the bomb.


Topanga Creek Outpost. These guys were my first bike mechanics when I moved to LA and many years later they’ve pulled through for me again. If you’re in the LA area and are interested in a cool bike shop that caters to cycle touring and getting dirty, come check them out. THANK YOU, CHRIS!



Bent Up Cycles:  You guys have really extended yourselves to me this last year and I can’t thank you enough.  Your advice has been paramount to my planning and you’ve always been there for me when I needed you.  To anyone who may be considering a recumbent bike in Southern California and beyond, you must talk to these guys, they’ve got a great shop!!