Traveling Solo

This is the first time I’ve traveled alone in a long time. I used to love the independence of the single life, relying only on myself, moving through the world without the need of others but happy to have company when the occasion granted it. My solo travel is only for the day, not even 24 hours, but getting on a plane, landing in another state, no one waiting for me at the other end, traveling to a place I am unfamiliar with, surrounded by people in a coffee shop and everyone seems to know someone… It is surprisingly isolating. I wasn’t expecting this. Everyone is traveling with a connection to another, everyone is focused on their task. Although I have mine, this solitude makes me feel slightly aimless, a little more wandering. It’s a good exercise, today; Waking before dawn, getting my belongings ready, heading out the door. These are all things to perfect on the road but I can’t help but let my nerves creep in.

As the plane began its descent into Las Vegas the rising sun drew a golden palette and long shadows across the mountains. Mountain ranges intimidate me as all I see are long ascents stretched before me, but as I continue to train I hope my faith in myself as well as my legs will grow stronger. I can do this. I have no other choice.

The purpose of this trip was originally to get my hands on a drone I have per-ordered, called the lily. Alas it was only yesterday that I discovered that while they are here at CES 2016 they are not demoing the drone and the sad realization that this company doesn’t actually have its shit together has crept in. The product looks awesome but they will not have a product to ship to me in time and I have travelled here possibly for nothing. But my ticket has been bought and I am going to see what I can still garner from this conference. Who knows, maybe I’ll find another drone, even more suitable to my trip. Maybe better cameras. Maybe some cool cycling gear. My disappointment in unnecessary spending is being overshadowed by the excitement of new possibilities. I admit that even seeing a passerby with a GoPro lanyard got me a little excited. Lets make this a good day!!