Episode #9: Deer and Bikers and Bears?

In episode 9 Leah talks about an eventful few days with another group of riders including an almost run in with a deer and maybe a bear? She also tells us about her visit to her old summer camp and why she loved it when she was a kid.

Episode #8: Meet the Breuers

In our eighth episode we have 2 very special guests…Leah’s parents! Debra and Robert tell us what it was like joining Leah on her ride through some of Ontario’s toughest roads, including a very unique moose encounter. Oh, and Leah is halfway done!

Episode #7: Making Friends on the Road


In our 7th episode Leah tells us how she spent Canada Day with Mike Ranta, a man (and his dog) paddling across Canada in a canoe! Leah also talks about what its been like meeting other cyclists on the road and how she feels about being a month into her ride.

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May 24, 2016 – Tofino to Snow Creek Campground

I still can’t believe this is actually happening, yet here I sit in my tent, listening to the rushing river outside, the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, breathing the clean air of Beautiful British Columbia.  The people I’ve been meeting have been incredibly encouraging and kind, and the drivers have been sure to give me plenty of room.
The day began with the traditional dipping of the tire in the ocean and from there my adventure began.  A decent amount of climbing today, and I rode more than I’d planned due to us starting in Tofino rather than Long Beach.  Leave it to me to begin by heading in the wrong direction! Coming back to the road from the beach I got turned around – Jacob had to chase me down!  Ha!
My campsite is off a very gravelly road – I had to walk my bike to get here – and there are zero services, but it’s free!  I boil my water from the river and I go to the bathroom in the woods.  My food bag is hung high and the bear spray is near my pillow.

Road report:
The roads are in good condition and the shoulders come and go, but are never wide.  Drivers have been very mindful, however.  The only car who could’ve given me more space was from Ontario!  Important note: After the Alberni junction (approx. 20 miles from Tofino) there are NO services.  Make sure to buy any needed supplies there or you’ll have to wait until Port Alberni.

Distance: 51 miles / 82 km
Climbing: 3128 ft / 953 m

The view from my campsite
The view from my campsite