Moving on Over

In Episode #3, Leah’s adventure continues with her riding over Rogers Pass in BC, waving good-bye to BC and hello to Alberta, a water angel and her first road surprise!



Podcast Episode #2 : Birthdays, The Duffy, and Rain

Leah & Cat are back with an all-new Podcast!  Learn about Leah’s triumph over The Duffy, celebrating her brother Jacob’s 30th Birthday and her first cold and rainy night.




Leah & Cat’s First Podcast

Hi Everyone!  This is Leah’s Webmaster (AKA: Elizabeth) posting on behalf of Leah & Cat.  Leah’s having an amazing trip and wants to keep everyone regularly updated on her journey, so she and Cat are creating podcasts!  Enjoy hearing from Leah’s mouth how her bike trip is going and what’s new in her world.

Also, for the latest updates follow Leah on Instagram.  She’s updating it daily with the most beautiful pics.





May 23, 2016 – Tofino

Jake and I are enjoying a drink and chatting with the locals, enjoying the sunset from the restaurant patio of The Sea Shanty.  Tomorrow I begin the journey of a lifetime.  I’m so excited and so nervous.  I’m so grateful to have my brother here with me, chauffeuring me around, giving me advice, and being my cheerleader. Thank you all for your support and following this adventure with me!