Episode #9: Deer and Bikers and Bears?

In episode 9 Leah talks about an eventful few days with another group of riders including an almost run in with a deer and maybe a bear? She also tells us about her visit to her old summer camp and why she loved it when she was a kid.

Episode #8: Meet the Breuers

In our eighth episode we have 2 very special guests…Leah’s parents! Debra and Robert tell us what it was like joining Leah on her ride through some of Ontario’s toughest roads, including a very unique moose encounter. Oh, and Leah is halfway done!

Episode #7: Making Friends on the Road


In our 7th episode Leah tells us how she spent Canada Day with Mike Ranta, a man (and his dog) paddling across Canada in a canoe! Leah also talks about what its been like meeting other cyclists on the road and how she feels about being a month into her ride.

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Episode 6: Happy Birthday Leah!

Next in Leah’s Great Canadian Adventure….Leah spends her birthday in Winnipeg during Aboriginal Day, her route gets washed out 🙁 , and she’s finally in her home province of Ontario!

Episode #5: Moose! And The Duffy…..

In our fifth episode Leah talks to us from the province of Manitoba. She tells us about the tails winds in Saskatchewan, her very first moose sighting and how shooting the documentary is going. She also reflects on her hardest day so far; riding up the Duffy.

Moving on Over

In Episode #3, Leah’s adventure continues with her riding over Rogers Pass in BC, waving good-bye to BC and hello to Alberta, a water angel and her first road surprise!



Podcast Episode #2 : Birthdays, The Duffy, and Rain

Leah & Cat are back with an all-new Podcast!  Learn about Leah’s triumph over The Duffy, celebrating her brother Jacob’s 30th Birthday and her first cold and rainy night.




May 30, 2016 – Pemberton to Roger Creek Campground

Duffy Day is OVER!!! And while there may forever be an asterix next to it for me, so be it. My parents offered to carry my gear and be my SAG/support vehicle while in town for my brother’s surprise party. I am SO glad they did because that climb was BRUTAL.  Leaving Pemberton started off beautifully I’ll be at already late in the day as we had errands to run. Pemberton is an adorable town in a vast Greenbelt in the coast mountains with Cude restaurants in many cyclists; Ironman Whistler has its bike route go through Pemberton and a lot of triathletes were whizzing by on their training rides.  Mountain biking is extremely common all through the cities and towns along the sea to sky Highway. Everyone has their kick ass mountain climbers all around town – Squamish, Whistler, and in Pemberton. Pemberton has the cutest track for children to try their hand at ‘mountain biking’ — three and four year olds on bikes without pedals were going around and up and down a circular dirt track at the playground.  So cool.  

Beyond Pemberton the road gets a little quieter and then leads into First Nation reserves. All very beautiful and quiet. Pemberton to the start of the Duffy is 10 miles. From there the arduous climb begins, switchback after switchback, looking out over lakes, then trees, then snow-capped mountains.  Because my parents carried my gear the switchbacks were pretty much fine, albeit slow going. What ultimately killed me was the continued climb beyond the switchbacks. They may not have been as steep but they were constant. The total climb is just short of 10 miles with maybe 30 seconds of respite. I stopped at Joffrey lake for a 20 minute break.  I was really feeling it at that point, bordering on nauseous. Coming out of Joffrey there’s one more climb then lo and behold, a nice, long downhill!  Ultimately getting to Roger creek was at the 41 mile mark. After mile 19 there’s a lot of downhill, you just have to get there first. Roger Creek is the first of several campsites, all rec sites, all free with limited services (meaning an outhouse and nothing more) but very nice. 

Road Report:

Roads themselves were in good condition, sometimes with shoulder sometimes without, but drivers are courteous as long as you stay to the side.  No water services or any other services outside of Pemberton until Lilooet so be prepared!

Distance: 41 miles / 66km

Climbing: 5000 ft / 1524 m

Heading out of Pemberton
My biggest fan: Mom
My other biggest fan: Dad
My naked rig, climbing up The Duffy. Snow-capped mountains in the distance.
Looking back on the climb. some of the best views are behind you – don’t forget to look back!